Eltek Systems was established in 1983 and is acknowledged as one of the leading independent providers of industrial process and automation solutions. At Eltek Systems we have managed sustained growth through the proactive construction of effective business partnerships with our customers, and now provide all aspects of system supply from component to complete turnkey solutions across a wide spectrum of industrial processes.

Eltek Services

The range of services that we are able to offer is an indication

of our committed approach to being a key partner to our customers.

From initial design conceptualisation through the manufacturing

and commissioning stages, we will provide a professional service,

allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities,

assured in the knowledge that Eltek Systems is focused

on your specific requirements.

Local Service

All of our work is delivered by local, highly qualified project teams who sit together, work together and deliver for designated clients–allowing us to deliver a personal and in-depth service. The result of this is a real sense of team spirit and commitment which delivers a superior customer service, backed up by the constant positive feedback that we systematically gather for every project.

Conceptual Design & Consultancy

The experienced engineers at the Eltek Systems facility are able to design all of your system requirements from a simple schematic through to a full factory.

Software Engineering

Robust and efficient software is the key to an optimised plant, and at Eltek Systems we have more than 100 man-years of experience in developing software for process industries.

System Design & Manufacture

We have been manufacturing control systems for nearly 30 years, developing strategic partnerships with both our customers and suppliers.

Project Management

Effective project management, controls costs, whilst ensuring that the agreed deliverables are met and where possible, exceeded.


Both the pre-project and on-going support of our customers forms the foundation to continuing relationships and the value this provides to all concerned.




Eltek Systems has been accredited with the prestigious UL quality standard. The Underwriters Laboratories listing is awarded to companies that have demonstrated the ability to produce a complete end product that complies with UL’s stringent requirements. By building systems in compliance with UL regulations, Eltek demonstrates its awareness and understanding of the market, and we are actively pursuing business from North America. Eltek are now providing panels and systems for the US and Canadian markets, that are listed to the applicable UL standards and requirements prior to leaving the UK. To date, systems have been despatched to numerous states within the USA and into Canada. Each order for North America must comply with the UL guidelines. This requires that only valid products and parts are used and the correct construction procedures are followed. Such strict parameters ensure everything supplied is compliant with US and Canadian standards.