The range of services that we are able to offer is an indication of our committed approach to being a key partner to our customers

The design facility at Eltek Systems, is available as part of the complete manufacture and installation service, or as an individual component. The design team is able to work with your engineering people to create the complete package from initial conceptualisation of your project, through to the design and documentation of the installation cable routing and termination schedules. Our engineers are experienced in presenting FDSs to you and your customers, providing you with an in depth electrical design resource that integrates fully with your company. Experience gained over many years allows us to design effective operator interface units, with full consideration given to environmental factors (e.g. Gloved hand operation and glare from ambient light), in addition to RSI etc


Eltek Systems have manufactured electrical panels for many industries, including Food & Beverage, Power distribution, Steel, and Paper. Solutions provided by Eltek Systems are now installed in over 30 countries worldwide, including Australia, Korea, Venezuela, USA, Canada and throughout Europe. All our panels are extensively tested prior to shipping and come complete with detailed documentation. Custom built panel carcasses are available in stainless steel and heavy gauge painted steel, in addition to the standard proprietary items. In addition to the primary control cabinet, we are able to provide a full design and manufacture service for: 

Operator Desks & Consoles – Field Junction Boxes – RIO (Remote I/O) Boxes – MCC Suites

Robust and efficient software is the key to an optimised plant, and at Eltek Systems we have more than 100 man-years of experience in developing software for process industries. Our team of software engineers are continually developing their knowledge base and skill set, working with our automation partners to bring “best value” to our customers. In addition to the writing of software, our team can construct the FDS, provide simulation testing and commission the code, both in the UK and across the world. As part of our total support package, we have maintained a capacity to assist with legacy systems, including Siemens S5. 

Plant automation is often integrated to the Management Information Systems (MIS), and we are able to offer a full solution, permitting the monitoring of single sensors, through to the complete line; whilst Hot Standby systems, ensure that your processes remain active and productive, increasing your return on invested capital (ROIC). To provide information to the operators and line supervisors we can supply local OIT units, MMI/HMI panels and SCADA systems. Networked systems are based on accepted industrial standards and include:- 

Profibus – ControlNet – DeviceNet – ASi – Ethernet – MODbus

The installation department of Eltek Systems has been developed to provide a complete service in respect of both the mechanical and electrical installation. They are specialists in food industry installations, having completed numerous projects for leading FMCG businesses. Whether working within cold store, wet or dry environments, our team will ensure that all work is performed in a timely manner, whilst maintaining the design specification’s IP (ingress protection) rating. As part of the Eltek Systems offer, the installation team allow you to have a single source supplier, easing your supplier management overhead; whilst for us, a consistent quality approach to the installation, reinforces our commitment to being able to supply you with a total quality product.

At Eltek-Systems we understand the importance of support; whether as part of the design process, manufacturing, installation and commissioning or at some point in the future. For installed equipment, we are able to provide a number of support programs ranging from ‘a call out basis’ to ‘full 24 Hour support’. Our range of support can be tailored to suit your current and on-going requirements and can include:- 

Project Management Support – Software Support – Breakdown Support

24 Hour Support Contracts – Total Project Life-Cycle Support

Remote Monitoring – Modem Support

Periodic Test & Inspection –  Planned & Preventative Maintenance Group

The Project Management function is highly regarded within Eltek Systems. Individual projects are assigned a Project Manager, who act as a central liaison point for all activities. These engineers have extensive industrial experience, and have as a further resource, personnel skilled in PLC and computer software design, power and generator control, and specialist electronic development. From the original concept the Project Manager will coordinate these specialists and design a practical solution incorporating your particular specifications. Our highly skilled manufacturing team will then assemble any hardware required by this solution. Our project managers are conversant with CDM and HSE requirements and can act as ‘principal contractor’ if required.